Today, Florida Governor DeSantis issued a 30 day “Stay at Home” order, beginning Thursday. What does that mean for your pet’s veterinary care?


Veterinarians, just like other medical staff, are a service that is essential to the well-being of PEOPLE. Our pets are important to our own personal well-being, making their health a top priority.

Our commitment to serving Dunedin and the surrounding communities is just as strong as it was before this crisis – if not, stronger.

We are offering curbside concierge drop-off and pick-up service, giving you flexibility to use your time outside wisely, while cutting unnecessary COVID-19 risks.


This week, we are implementing personal delivery of medicine and pet food, to keep you from making unnecessary trips outside. Our delivery personnel have been specially trained for this task, in this environment. Therefore, you can be assured that all precautions have been taken to keep your (and our) risk of infection low.

*For pet med / pet food delivery, heathcare appointments or just to ask a question, please call us: