Written by Dr. John Hodges, Dunedin Animal Medical Center

As we all know, the sky is not really falling, though it may appear to be, when you search for your favorite toilet paper in the grocery store.

These are difficult times, but we have all lived through other issues in our lives, as well.   Some of us are old enough to remember Polio being a real childhood issue. Then, someone developed a vaccine for it, and now we never even think of it.  Measles, Small Pox, 9/11, the Great Recession, the Great Depression, etc, were all calamities, when they first appeared.

We all lived through them, though.

Now, we have the COVID-19 issue. Yep. It is sweeping the world and yep, it is a real issue.  But, most of us will live through it, because our politicians won’t let you starve (after all, you could not vote for them if they did  😉 ). 

And your favorite toilet paper will return to the grocery store shelves.

In short, we will adapt and overcome, like we always do.

At Dunedin Animal Medical Center, we are adapting.  For some of our customers, it’s a little painful, and for others, it’s almost routine, but we have to do it… to survive.

How We Are Changing

We have made a few procedural adjustments to allow us to continue providing excellent medical care for your pet, while protecting you and our staff, as much as possible.

We are still open 7-days a week and we will continue to provide the following services for your pet(s):

  • Day-Time Emergency Medical Care, from 9am to 7pm
  • Medical Exams for sickness, itching, skin conditions, ear infections, etc.
  • Preventative Care Exams for vaccinations, heartworm meds, flea/tick meds, etc.
  • Boarding Services, if you need them

As you can see, the services we offer really have not changed.  However, the way we interact with our clients has changed.

  • All Medical Exams are Drop-off Only.  That means, drop off your pet, and we’ll call you when they are ready.
  • Preventative Care Exams and associated services are outpatient services while you wait in your car or walk around. That’s because they are usually just 10 to 20 minutes, unless we are very busy.

Those are the big changes.  However, we would like your opinion on something else:

Thank you for reading and thank you for being an important part of our lives, here at DAMC.  We take our responsibility to our community seriously, and we’re thankful when you choose us to care for your pets.