Social distancing is the new normal.  It’s not going away.  We have seen an escalation of super viruses over the last couple of decades, which all mutate. Covid-19 is just the most recent of a large family of viruses that all cause cold-like symptoms, which can escalate quickly into pneumonia, if not treated.  In fact, the “common cold” is actually a handful of different coronaviruses, that we pass around every year.  (

So, what does that mean?  

Due to the strengthening of these viruses, it’s important that we continue limiting all unnecessary physical contact.  That means that social and work habits will probably not change back to what they once were.  Where in the past, people with colds would “work through it” and those around them would “be more careful“, the future will include more working from home, social distancing, take-out, curbside service, delivery, etc.

Opening Up America Again

For many people, this quarantine has been the hardest 14 days of their lives. Nothing feels worse to a person than not having any control over their future. Well, the immediate future is looking brighter, as the White House has released their Guidelines to “Opening Up America Again”.

It details a 3 phase approach, that is related to the rate of reported Covid-19 symptomscases and hospital patients. It includes responsibilities for individuals and business, which are built around proper hygiene and a continuation of social distancing.

You can see the entire document here:

So what does this mean for us… and you? 

Not much, but you and your pet are going to be OK.


Pinellas county and the communities that we serve are full of seniors. That means that we have a responsibility to maintain certain protocols to protect their well-being. After all, who will take care of your pet, if something happens to you?

That means that many of the new protocols that we have instilled (curbside service, online forms, pet-med / pet-food delivery) will remain in-place indefinitely. The lobby will remain closed to the public, until Phase 3 is enacted, but we’re not sure when (if ever) that will happen. And when it does, social distancing protocols should still be maintained.

So, what do you think?  Is there something more we should be doing?

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