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Prescription Refill

Prescriptions are generally one of two types.

  • Single use medications, an example would be antibiotics for an infection. This type prescription is generally not refillable.
  • Chronic-Use medications (CU meds) examples are heartworm preventative, insulin for diabetes or L-thyroxine for Hypothyroidism.
    • Most CU meds require periodic Professional and Laboratory Evaluation, generally at a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month interval.
    • Optimal Care Laboratory Evaluation – additional Laboratory Evaluation that monitors known disease complications that occur less frequently. The most complete evaluation of the patient’s condition.
    • Learn More – Chronic Condition – Monitoring Frequency.

Appointment for Examination & Labs

Professional Examination and Laboratory Evaluation

If your pet is due for an Examination and/or Laboratory Evaluation to refill a prescription. For your convenience, please click to call or complete appointment request.
if it is more convenient you may drop your pet off and pick them up later the same day.

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