by Dr. John Hodges

Phase 2 Backslide

The implementation of Phase 2 opening of the economy, coupled with the effect of nationwide events, is resulting in an increase of COVID-19 cases in most states.  Now, this is nothing that hasn’t already been predicted, but it’s still alarming.  Therefore, we must maintain current protocols at our pet hospitals, until the numbers start declining again.

Florida, during the previous COVID peak (April – May) was seeing ~1,000 new COVID cases diagnosed, daily. Currently that number of daily COVID cases has climbed to around ~1,700, and will probably increase even more.   The human medical community are testing more and are probably more aware of the symptoms than they previously were, so while the numbers are much higher, the actual number illnesses may only be slightly higher.  However, the numbers are climbing, and that should be enough for everyone to heed some caution.  In fact, Arizona, and some other interior states, are now reporting that their hospital bed are nearing capacity.

Sounds like New York all over again… only in more places.

As many epidemiologists have been cautioning, the second phase could be worse than the initial phase, because it may be more widespread and not just concentrated in a few epicenters, as previously noted.

I’m sure you are tired of hearing this (me too), but it is reality. With the increased number of COVID cases being diagnosed everywhere, it may be more dangerous now than it has been for the last few months. The good side is that we are all more aware of the situation and may be better prepared, with personal protection

Now is not the time to throw caution to the wind.


Covid HermitAs Phase 2 is implemented, most folks are tired of staying home, and are eager to socialize & travel.  But, just because some politicians (whose main goal is to get reelected) have declared a “Phase 2 reopening” – and you can now find toilet paper – it doesn’t mean that the COVID pandemic is over.  You may want to continue hermiting, til most of the danger has passed.

We are currently seeing the effects of this increased socialization and mobility.  Approximately 20 states have seen a recent increase of active COVID-19 cases diagnosed,  Florida, according to one source, has seen new-COVID-cases spike, to nearly 46%, over the new-COVID-cases in May.

The original epicenter of COVID was coastal highly transient states/cities. New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles etc. – probably because these are international travel center airports.  As people travel from these epicenters many interior states like Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Utah, etc. are beginning to see an ever-increasing number of COVID cases.

How do we stay safe and SANE?

For your consideration…

  • Venture out, but do it wisely – Wear a mask
  • Do not frequent places where masks are not being worn.
  • Remember a mask is worn for two reasons:
    • To keep you from getting COVID (partially effective for this purpose)
    • To keep you from spreading COVID (very effective for this purpose)
  • Be socially considerate and wear a mask when in public and at work
  • Protect yourself, do not routinely go to large social gatherings or businesses where others are not wearing masks
  • Traveling now – may not be the best plan, because you will encounter new places and new people (maybe that is why you travel). You will generally have little or no knowledge of the COVID status of these places you visit nor of the people you encounter.

In other words, put your health and safety FIRST.