by Dr. John Hodges

Just when we thought it could not get any worse, it did. The chart above depicts current COVID trends in Florida, and it is not a pretty picture. The latest COVID new-daily-case-count for Florida (25 June 2020) is 8,933.


That is a big number and could easily top 10,000-per-day in a few days.

The chart below indicates the distribution by age.  Now that testing is more widespread, you can see that more younger people are testing positive, while not necessarily showing.

6-25-2020 new covid cases by age

We thought it was bad when we were seeing new daily cases in the 600 to 1200 range. This means that we are 8-times to 15-times as likely to encounter the COVID virus in our daily lives as were 2 months ago (when we thought it was devastatingly high.

So, the message has not changed:

  • Wear your face mask in public – This is Socially Considerate
    • Keep your nose and mouth covered when working, talking on the phone or around coworkers.
    • If you must remove your mask for a client to hear you, wipe the phone down with disinfecting cloth when the call is complete.
  • Wear your face while shopping or around others.
  • Practice Extreme Social Distancing