Yay!  Restrictions are easing and we’re opening back up… a little.

Implementation of Florida Phase 1 reopening rules are in place and some changes are coming to DAMC and CAH.  We are using an abundance of caution, by continuing to provide pet care with Concierge Curbside Services and surgical masks. We ask our clients to continue wearing their face coverings when interacting with our staff members, outside of the hospital or when they drop their pet off.

The following services are now in available, but with some LIMITATIONS.


As the world opens back up, we understand that you may be ready to get out of town for a few days.  Therefore, we are resuming boarding at DAMC (no boarding available at CAH).  Here are the temporary guidelines for boarding with us.

  1. Bring your pet
  2. Bring their food with them
  3. Bring their medications with them
  4. Leave everything else at home
  5. A bath is required at check-in.  Standard rates apply.

To prevent risk of spreading COVID-19 (or any other disease), we’re asking that you bring only the bare essentials.   We’ll bath them, and provide some love, affection and activity, but we cannot allow their favorite toy, bedding or even a garment of yours – at this time.

The upside is that they will be VERY HAPPY to see you, when you come to pick them up.

long dog nailsNAIL TRIMS

If you have an appointment scheduled with us, we are happy to add-on nail trimming, upon your request.  This service is only in addition to their normal appointment.

We are not taking appointments only for nail trims, but we understand that your groomer is not yet in operation, so we are happy to add this service to their regular appointment, until your groomer is back to work.

anal gland itch


Like nail trims, we are expressing anal glands as an add-on to your pet’s regularly scheduled appointment.

We understand why you may want to have us do this for you.

Read more about anal glands, here.


Is there something that we are NOT doing, that maybe we should be doing?  Click here, to tell us.

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