Dog Teeth Cleaning

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Dog Teeth Cleaning - $199

Dog Teeth Cleaning

When discussing cleaning teeth in dogs you may have heard any of the following terms Dog Teeth Cleaning, Dog Dental (Dog Dental Cleaning) or Dog Prophy. They all mean the same thing having your dog’s teeth cleaned by a veterinary professional.
However, DAMC veterinarians go a step further and do a complete evaluation of your dog’s face / lymph nodes, oral mucosa (lining of your dog’s mouth), tongue, gums and teeth (including dental x-rays) every time your dog’s teeth are cleaned.
Dog Teeth Cleaning Exam Appointments are conveniently available 7-Days a week. Click on the above button and we will schedule your appointment by email. If you prefer, just call 727-738-2273 and any of our staff can make an appointment for your pet. See You Soon.!

Before your dog’s teeth cleaning is scheduled…

Veterinarians at Dunedin Animal Medical Center will perform a dental examination and consultation before any veterinary dental service. We will perform a full physical examination and concentrate on your pet’s oral health. The veterinarian will examine the teeth and gums to evaluate your pet for any disease before the dental procedure. No matter how good a dental examination your pet has, we will still not know how much dental disease is present without a full oral assessment and dental radiographs under sedation. At your dog’s dental consultation, we will also discuss any lab work that may be needed before your pet undergoes anesthesia. This consultation will generally be scheduled at your convenience, before your dog’s teeth cleaning procedure.
Dog Teeth Cleaning Exam Appointments are conveniently available 7-Days a week. Click on the above button and we will schedule your appointment by email. If you prefer, just call 727-738-2273 and any of our staff can make an appointment for your pet. See You Soon.!

Your dog’s dental cleaning appointment…

When your pet has their veterinary dental procedure, we give them medications to sedate them beforehand. This includes a pain medication so that there is no discomfort during the cleaning process or afterwards. We will place an IV catheter and provide IV fluids as well. During the procedure, we monitor the patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygenation level and tissue perfusion.

The complete oral examination…

Once the patient is asleep, your veterinary doctor will fully evaluate the oral cavity and perform a complete dental evaluation (oral exam) which includes an evaluation of the following facial/oral structures.

  • Face / lymph nodes – Facial and/or lymph-node swelling, either may indicate an infection or cancer within the mouth
  • Oral mucosa (gum tissue) – the mucosa is evaluated for unusual redness, swelling, ulcers or other signs that may indicate an underlying infection.
  • Tongue – it is important to evaluate the tongue, including underneath for any swelling, ulceration or signs of cancer.
  • Gums – the gums (on the tongue and lip side) are evaluated for redness, swelling or other indications of infection.
  • Periodontal probing – each individual tooth is checked for gingival recession (loss of attachment to the tooth). Any gingival recession is noted within your dog’s dental chart and can serve as a reference for monitoring changes within your dog’s mouth. (Just like your dental chart at your dentist).
  • Teeth – we examine each tooth for mobility, discoloration, gingival pockets, tooth fractures, and/or abnormal wear.
  • Dental x-rays – A full set of dental x-rays (upper and lower jaw) are taken every time your dog’s teeth are cleaned at Dunedin Animal Medical Center (DAMC).

The Dental Chart…

Once our veterinary dentist has fully evaluated your dog’s mouth, they will complete your dog’s dental chart. If needed, a detailed treatment plan will be prepared for your pet.

Procedures or treatments needed and approved by you…

Some pets may only need to have their teeth cleaned, polished and dental x-rays taken. However, others may require extensive procedures. if treatments or extractions are required, you will be immediately contacted by your veterinarian. They will thoroughly explain the proposed treatment plan and only move forward after your approval.

After teeth cleaning – consultation and dental x-ray review with you…

After the teeth cleaning appointment you will be called and asked to schedule a pick-up time for your dog. This allows your veterinary doctor to set aside time for a consultation, review of the dental x-rays, oral assessment and recommended home care. This is the ideal time for you to ask questions concerning your pets dental cleaning procedure, dental x-rays, dental home care etc.

Scheduling a follow-up examination…

Generally 3 to 10 days after your dog’s teeth are cleaned you will be asked to schedule a follow-up consultation. This is an opportunity for your veterinarian to evaluate your pet’s teeth, gums and general health following the teeth cleaning or other oral procedures. This is also an excellent time for you to bring your list of questions and discuss them with your veterinarian or technician.
If possible, brushing your dog’s teeth is the best home care solution for your pet. However we live in the ‘real world’ and understand that some pet’s may not be as cooperative as we would like. Please take a few minutes at this appointment and discuss available options for your pet’s individual dental care needs.