Dog & Cat Boarding Requirements


Dog & Cat Boarding Requirements

Pet boarding requirements help us provide a safe, healthy and pleasant boarding experience for your pet. Current vaccines are required and help insure that all pets have some protection against common infections. Your pets’ medical and social history will help us find the best boarding area for your pet within our kennel.

Pet Boarding – Vaccines

The vaccines listed below has required and recommended vaccines for boarding pets. We recommend that all vaccines be given a minimum of 7 days before their boarding stay begins.
If that is not possible, vaccines may be given at check-in however, you are placing your pet at-risk by doing so. If vaccinations have been completed at another veterinary facility please forward proof of these vaccines when you make your pet’s boarding reservation

Dog Vaccinations

Distemper, Parvo & Parafluenza – required

    Common name: Distemper/Parvo Vaccine
    1-yr or 3-yr vaccine OK.

Bordetella – required

    Common name: Bordetella or Kennel Cough vaccine
    Must be current within last 6-months

Rabies – required

    1-yr or 3-yr vaccine OK

Canine Influenza – required Learn More

    Common name: dog flu, H3N2
    Very few pets have any natural immunity to this disease
    Canine Influenza – read more
    Initial vaccination series is two vaccines 3 weeks apart
    Annual re-vaccination required

Cat Vaccinations

FVRCP* – required

    Common name: Feline Distemper
    1-yr or 3-yr vaccine OK
    *Feline Viral Rhinothrachitis, Calicivirus & Panleukopenia

Rabies – required

    1-yr or 3-yr vaccine OK

FeLV* – Not required but, is highly recommended

    Common Name: Feline Leukemia
    *Feline Leukemia Virus

Pet Boarding – Flea & Tick Medications

Dogs & Cats

    All dogs & cats are required to have a DAMC approved Flea & Tick medication applied or given at boarding check-in. There are no exceptions to this because we want to insure that all pets are protected against these parasites.
    List of DAMC approved Flea & Tick Medications

    ===LINK=== Coming soon

    Pet Boarding – Forms

    ===LINK – FORMS PAGE=== Coming soon

      Pet Boarding Agreement Form*
      Pet Assessment Form*
      Pet Medications Form**

    *Please complete online, print and bring to check-in
    **If needed – please complete online, print and bring when you board your pet

    By following the dog & cat boarding requirements each pet should have a safe, healthy and disease-free boarding experience.