Dog Boarding Prices

Open 7-Days a Week, 6:30am – 8:00pm


Dog Boarding Prices – Overnight

Dog Boarding Prices – Luxury Overnight

One (first-pet) $30

Each add’l pet $29*

*Boarding together
Run size – 4ft X 7ft
Max run weight 250 Lbs

Dog Boarding Prices – Standard Overnight

One (first-pet) $22

Each add’l pet $21*

*Boarding together
Run size – 3ft X 4ft
Max run weight 75 Lbs

Dog Boarding Prices – Day-Boarding

Dog Boarding Prices – Luxury Day-Boarding

Each pet $24

Run size – 4ft X 7ft
Max run weight 250 Lbs

Dog Boarding Prices – Standard Day-Boarding

Each pet $17

Run size – 3ft X 4ft
Max run weight 75 Lbs


Dog Boarding Prices include these amenities and services

  • Clean, Safe & Secure canine boarding
  • Veterinarian always on call for boarding dogs
  • Convenient drop-off / pick-up times. 6:30am until 8:00pm, 7-Days a week
  • Three exercise periods per day in a 21ft. long exercise area
  • Canine boarding guests can bring a favorite toy or blanket from home. (Limit two please)
  • Check-in after 3pm. Check-out before 11am
  • FREE bath for dog boarders with a 7-day or longer kennel stay
  • Free meals* fed twice daily. (Unless you request different)
  • * Free meals – Purina EN Canine Diet (dry kibble)

Dog Boarding - Bringing your own diet

  • We prefer that individual meals be placed in a Ziploc (or similar) container
  • Or, place food in a sealable plastic container.
  • Or, bring a small to medium size unopened bag of food
  • No large bags please we have limited storage area

Dog Boarding Services available (additional cost)

  • Early check-in (before 3pm) available for boarding dogs
  • Late checkout (after 11am) available for boarding dogs
  • Medication dispensing – must be in original packaging
  • Flea & Tick control meds (required for boarding)
  • All Animal Hospital services** are available for boarding dogs
  • ** Examinations, Vaccinations, Dentistry, Surgical Services, etc.

Dog Boarding Vaccination Requirements

  • Canine Distemper – 1-yr or 3-yr vaccine
  • Rabies – 1-yr or 3-yr vaccine
  • Bordetella – required every 6-months
  • Canine Influenza – strongly recommended but, not currently required
  • NOTE: All vaccines must have been given by a veterinarian (verification required)

Dog boarding Prices also include.

  • All dogs are boarded inside in heated and air conditioned individual boarding runs
  • Each pet is allowed private exercise time three times daily
  • Purina EN dry kibble, fed two times daily. (Unless you request different)
  • Our dog boarding kennel has an automated fire sprinkler system. If activated the local fire department is automatically notified
  • Exercise areas have walls over 8 ft. high. Also, we have designed multiple doors between your boarding dog and the outside world

All of this plus the care and personal attention of our loving staff make Dunedin Animal Medical Center’s dog boarding prices an exceptional value