Cat Boarding Prices

Open 7-Days a Week, 6:30am – 8:00pm


Cat Boarding Prices – Overnight

One (first-pet) $20

Each add’l pet $19*

*Boarding together
Accommodation size – 2ft X 4ft
Check in after 3:00pm, Check out by 11:00am

Cat Boarding Prices – Day-Boarding

Each pet $15.50

Accommodation size – 2ft X 4ft
Check in after 6:30am, check out by 8:00pm

Cat Boarding Prices - The Cat Nip Inn Sign

Cat Boarding - Bringing your own diet

  • We prefer that individual meals be placed in a Ziploc (or similar) container
  • Or, place food in a sealable plastic container.
  • Or, bring a small to medium size unopened bag of food in a sealable plastic container.
  • No large bags please we have limited storage area

Cat Boarding - Vaccination Requirements

  • Feline Distemper – 1-yr or 3-yr vaccine
  • Rabies – 1-yr or 3-yr vaccine
  • Feline Leukemia – strongly recommended but, not currently required
  • NOTE: All vaccinations must have been given by a veterinarian (verification required)

Cat Boarding Prices - Include these Amenities and Services

  • Clean, Safe & Cozy FELINE-ONLY boarding room
  • Convenient drop-off / pick-up times. 6:30am until 8:00pm. 7-days a week
  • Veterinarian always on call for boarding cats
  • Free meals* fed twice daily. (Unless you request different)
  • Feline boarding guests can bring a favorite toy or blanket from home. (Limit two please)
  • Separate air conditioning system for cats
  • Check-in after 3pm. Check-out before 11am
  • * Free meals – Purina EN Feline Diet


Cat Boarding - Services available (additional cost)

  • Early check-in (before 3pm) available for boarding cats
  • Late checkout (after 11am) available for boarding cats
  • Medication dispensing – must be in original packaging and/or have prescription lable
  • Flea & Tick control meds (required for boarding)
  • All Animal Hospital services** are available for boarding cats
  • ** Exams, Vaccines, Dentistry, Surgical Services, etc.

We understand your desire for affordable cat boarding prices in a clean, safe and comfortable FELINE-ONLY boarding environment. Our boarding accommodations have visible and not-so-visible safety and comfort features at affordable prices.


Cat Boarding visible features

  • Odor-free CAT-ONLY boarding area
  • Clean and well-lighted facilities
  • Large outside viewing windows to entertain that curious kitty

Cat Boarding not-so-visible features

  • An automatic fire sprinkler system
  • An after-hours burglar alarm
  • A separate air conditioning system (no dog smells here)

And last, but not least, is the personal attention and care your cat receives daily. Such as, clean fresh litter as needed throughout the day, Morning and Evening feeding and sometimes ‘room-roaming’ time.
Dunedin Animal Medical Center strives to keep your cat boarding prices affordable for you and your pet.