Pet Boarding

Open 7-Days a Week, 6:30am – 8:00pm


Pet Boarding –  Dunedin Animal Medical Center & Pet Resort

Pet Boarding and Pet Resort Services are available 7-Days a Week at Dunedin Animal Medical Center & Pet Resort.

  • Drop-Off and Pick-up: 6:30 am until 8:00pm, 7-Days a week

Our AAHA Accredited Veterinary Animal Hospital health care team is confident that your pets will find our pet boarding accommodations Clean, Safe and Comfy. Our Pet Resort welcomes most Boarding Pets –  Dogs, Cats, birds, and some exotics (please call).  We are one of the premier Cat & Dog Boarding Kennels in North Pinellas County.

As Boarding Pet Owners We Understand!

Our Veterinarians and staff are also pet owners. We board our pets in the same kennel as your pets. Just like you, we will only accept the best for our pets… and also provide the same for your boarding pets. Our staff has the peace-of-mind know that their boarding pet will be cared for properly, you can have that same peace-of-mind for your boarding pets while in our care.


Pet Boarding & Pet Daycare

  • Cat Bathing
  • Dog Bathing
  • Cat Vaccinations
  • Dog Vaccinations
  • All Veterinary Animal Hospital Services

Pet Boarding & Pet Daycare - Comfort

  • All boarding areas are inside, heated and air conditioned
  • Pets are boarded on rubber coated floors that are elevated above our polished kennel floors
  • All exercise areas have roofs, polished concrete floors and no Grass or Dirt to harbor dangerous parasite eggs
  • A comfort item may be brought from home, please ask our reception staff for details

Pet Boarding & Pet Daycare - Safety

  • Automated Fire Alarm System which is monitored 24-hours daily
  • Automated Fire Sprinkler System is further protection for your pet
  • Pets from the same family may be boarded* / exercised* together
  • * Pets may be boarded* / exercised* together only if they can eat together

Pet Boarding & Pet Daycare - Security

  • Two locked doors between your pet and the outside world insure their safety
  • Pet Boarding Exercise Areas are fully concreted with 9’ high walls for your pet’s safety and security
  • Each exercise area has a drain that hooks directly to our sanitary sewer system

Pet Boarding & Pet Daycare - Cleanliness

  • Pets reside on rubber coated flooring raised 8″ off of the polished concrete kennel flooring. The polished kennel floors are smooth concrete that is easily cleaned with our automated wash-down system.
  • Flea and Tick Protection while Boarding…
    • For the safety of all boarding pets, each pet entering our boarding facility must have current Flea & Tick prevention administered by our staff at kennel check-in.
    • You may purchase, competitively priced, Flea & Tick prevention upon check-in or you may bring your own DAMC Approved Flea and Tick prevention for our staff to administer.
      • For your convenience, we have competitively priced Flea & Tick prevention available at check-in.
      • OR – If you choose to bring your own, please insure that it is on our list of APPROVED Flea & Tick prevention products – click here for our boarding facility.
      • PLEASE NOTE:  All Flea and Tick Prevention products must be administered by our staff upon check-in
  • No Dirt to harbor Parasite Eggs
    • Exercise areas are fully-concreted and are cleaned after each pet’s use
    • Grass (and Dirt) Pet walk areas can harbor dangerous parasites such as Hookworms, Roundworms and Whipworms
      Whipworm eggs (and other parasite eggs) can stay infective in grass and soil, some for as long as 10 years
    • Our Dunedin Pet Resort’s fully-concreted exercise areas remove this source of parasite egg contamination for our boarding pets